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Gladfield Shepherd Delight Malt

Gladfield Shepherd Delight Malt

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Shepherds Delight is a unique malt made by Gladfield Malt.

Shepherds Delight Malt has a concentrated or intense deeper flavour than our Aurora Malt. It will provide a potent bready, toasted, cola flavour with a lingering fruity sweetness and red hue to the brewed beer. This malt should be used sparingly because it gives a powerful malt flavour to the beer similar to a decoction mash. Using too high a concentration of this malt could lead to bitterness in the final beer.

We recommend combining Shepherds Delight Malt with our Vienna Malt to give a balancing sweetness.

Beers made with Shepherds Delight favour from allowing to age for few weeks so flavour mellows out.

Moisture (max) % 5
Extract - Fine Dry (min) % 78
Wort Colour 300-350
pH 4.53
Typical Colour 320
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