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Fermoale Bel-Abbey

Dry active top fermenting yeast for fermentation of Belgian Ales

Suitable for a wide range of Belgian Abbey beer styles. Complexity with delicate fruit and phenolic flavour characteristics reminiscent of dried dark fruits.

Trappist - Belgian Ale is a dry active top fermenting yeast strain especially selected for fermentation of a wide spectrum of Belgian style ales such as Abbey styles (i.e. Enkel, Dubbel, Tripel & Quadrupel), Belgian Pale-, Dark Strong Ale, Belgian Blonde- and Pale Ale. This strain confers a complex yet very clean and delicate fruity and phenolic flavor character with reminiscences of dried fruits such as figs, raisins, plums and dates in harmony with the maltiness and alcohol content of the designed beer.

Yeast strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Origin: Rochefort Brewery
Brewing parameters
- Beer styles: Belgian Abbey Ales (i.e. Enkel, Dubbel, Tripel & Quadrupel), Belgian Pale Ale,
- Belgian Dark Strong Ale,
- Belgian Blonde Ale and Belgian Pale Ale. Very versatile.
- Fermentation temperature range: 16-24°C
- Flocculation and sedimentation ability: medium

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