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Duofiller Gen2 Automatic Can and Bottle Filler

Duofiller Gen2 Automatic Can and Bottle Filler

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Duofiller Gen2 is an automatic can filler that purges and fills the cans to the same consistent fill level every time. It´s perfect for the advanced home brewer and small scale breweries who want to simplify vessel filling. With Duofiller, packaging is easy with minimum waste. With two filling heads, it is intended to fill the first vessel while the lid of the other is finished, therefore it can easily be operated by one person alone.

It´s easy to operate, just press the button and Duofiller will start by purging the can with CO2. This is to displace the oxygen so that the contact time between beer and oxygen is minimised. After purging, it will automatically start to fill the vessel. A sensor monitors the fill level and stops filling when the pre-programmed level is reached. The sensor detects the liquid level millimeter-precisely so that the fill level is the same every time regardless of how much foam is on top of the liquid.

Tests show that beer packaged with Duofiller have very low oxygen content and thus good shelf life.

Duofiller is programmed very easily in advance and you can also easily fine-tune the filling amount along the way. It can be used for all types of standard bottles and cans 0.33 – 0.4 – 0.5 litres (12 – 16 – 19oz).

There are two sizes of beer line included, but you only need to attach one line to the unit – select the narrower tubing if the beer is highly carbonated, to help reduce foaming.

Duofiller Instructions

Included in the box:

– 2.5m foam reducing beer tubing

– CO2 connection 3/8″ John Guest to 1/4″ hose barb

– 12V DC power supply (110-240V with EU / AU / US / UK type plug)

You need (not included):

– Standard ball lock corny keg quick disconnect with 1/4″ MFL threads to use with the beer hose

– CO2 hose (1/4″ ID or 3/8 OD) and separate regulator to CO2 for purging (must be able to provide approximately 0.1-0.2 bar).

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