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The Swaen Coffee Malt

The Swaen Coffee Malt

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Top quality Dutch roasted malt from Mouterij The Swaen from Kloosterzande. 


  • Roasted malt
  • Color: 500 - 800 EBC
  • Rate: up to 10%
  • Content: 1 kg
  • Maltster: The Swaen (NL) Info

BlackSwaen©Coffee imparts a nutty and creamy taste to reach coffee flavour and aroma to beers, brings in a “coffee” note in Stouts and Porters. Adds a smooth mouth feel and complexity to any dark ale. Reinforces the colour of the beer. Crafted for unmistakable notes to your special beers.

Beer styles: Stouts, Porters, Scottish Ale, dark Belgian style beers, slightly in brown Ales for hints of fresh roasted coffee.


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