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AEB Kveik SV

AEB Kveik SV

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Dry active top fermenting Kveik strain for the production of a wide spectrum of beer styles.
A genuine top fermenting Kveik strain from Voss, Norway. It features very fast fermentation at a warm temperature range with complete final attenuation within 48 to 72 hours and an outstanding flocculation ability. This allows relevant energy savings & optimization of the fermentation cellar capacity. It produces clear beers with a consistent neutral flavor profile with gentle orange peel & citrus notes across the entire optimal fermentation temperature range.

Yeast Strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Origin: Voss, Norway.

Brewing parameters
Beer Styles: A wide spectrum of ale styles, mainly contemporary Juicy or Hazy ales (i.e. NEIPA / Hazy IPAs, Double
Hazy IPAs & Hazy pale ales).
Fermentation temperature: 20-40°C (with an optimal range of 34-40°C).
Flocculation & sedimentation: Medium to high
H2S Production: Low
STA-1: Negative

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