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AEB Fermoale AY4 Yeast

AEB Fermoale AY4 Yeast

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Active Dry Yeast suitable for the production of British and American Ales

Chico is the hometown of Sierra Nevada and the source of this clean fermenting yeast that is exceptionally versatile and the number one house strain for any brew style

Fermoale AY4 is a particular yeast strain applied for the top fermentation of beers. Fermoale AY4 has its origin from America and is today used by a large number of commercial craft breweries. Fermoale AY4 has an excellent fermentation capacity and ferments very quickly. The final aroma is very clean.

Yeast strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Origin: Sierra Nevada

Brewing parameters
- Beer styles: all type of American Ales (i.e. low alcohol to strong American ales). Very versatile.
- Fermentation kinetics: fast. 7 days at 22°C, 13 days at 12°C for 12°P
- Fermentation temperature range: 12-28°C
- Apparent attenuation: 89%
- Flocculation and sedimentation ability: high

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