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AEB Fermoale AY3 Yeast

AEB Fermoale AY3 Yeast

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Active Dry Yeast suitable for the production of British and American Ales

A traditional English Ale Yeast with excellent attenuation and fast fermentation, balanced with light esters

Ale yeast of English origin. It has an excellent attenuation capacity and a high speed of fermentation. It provides a remarkably balanced beer flavor with a light estery character. Fermoale AY3 has a very high flocculation and sedimentation capacity at the end of fermentation.

Yeast strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Origin: Whitbread Brewery

Brewing parameters
- Beer styles: all type of English-, Irish-, Belgian- and French Ales. Very versatile.
- Fermentation kinetics: fast. 7 days at 22°C, 13 days at 12°C for 12°P
- Fermentation temperature range: 12-22°C
- Apparent attenuation: 87%
- Flocculation and sedimentation ability: very high

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