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3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Golden Blend 375ml

3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Golden Blend 375ml

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This Golden Blend has been blended with lambikken from three different barrels and five different brews. The lambikken were brewed by three different breweries. It is one of the first blends in which we used lambik brewed by Brouwerij De Troch in Wambeek. The oldest lambik was brewed in early 2016.

Dating back to at least 1883, 3 Fonteinen is an iconic lambic producer with a serious cult following. The name 'three fountains' refers to the hand pumps used to serve the three types of lambic at the inn. The business was almost ruined in 2009 after a faulty thermostat resulted in 80,000 bottles of cooked lambic, many exploding, resulting in huge financial loss. We're thankful that 3 Fonteinen is still here to this day and producing some of the most highly sought after lambic in the world.

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