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24 Bottles with Box and Caps

24 Bottles with Box and Caps

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High-quality, reusable amber beer bottles

  • Closure: 26 mm crown cap (not included)
  • Content 33 cl / 330ml
  • Weight 0.3 kg
  • Height 23.8 cm
  • Width 6.1 cm
  • Box of 24 bottles

Benefits of Glass Bottles

  • Easy to fill and cork or cap
  • No Need to remove old labels
  • Protects completely from oxygen
  • Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.
  • Glass is nonporous and impermeable, so there are no interactions between glass packaging and products to affect the flavour of beverages. No nasty aftertaste - ever.
  • Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, ensuring that the products inside a glass bottle keep their strength, aroma, and flavour.
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