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2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder

2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder

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Our 2.6Kg gas bottles come full of CO2 With a cylinder shut off valve this little tank can dispense up to 400 litres of beer Up to 200L of carbonating and dispensing if used for homebrewing purposes.

Australian Standard Approved
QF-2A Valve 
Black carry handle grip for easy of transport and protection of valve

Warning: Only use in the upright position. Or you run the risk of breaking your regulator with liquid CO2

Need a bigger tank?
If you are looking for a CO2 with a higher capacity, please see our 6kg CO2 Gas Bottle

We strongly suggest testing your connections prior to leaving the cylinder on. To do this watch our video here OR read below

Disconnect the gas side of your set up from your kegs
Turn on the gas at the black valve
Turn the grey regulator clockwise until the low pressure side reaches 40psi
Turn off the black valve at the top of the bottle.
Wait 2+ Hours (or leave overnight)
If the left and right pressure gauge on the regulator has dropped or is showing 0psi. Then it is safe to say you have a leak somewhere in the line. You will need to check all connections with soapy detergent water to locate the leak.
We recommend checking all clamped sections, or if you’re using push in fittings, to ensure they’re not bending or being stretched as this will cause a micro leak.
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